Make Mine White Gold


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and believe me I was more than a little flattered when the bridegroom I was working with announced his choice. “Jon,” he said, “I’d like my wedding band to be just like yours, except in white gold.”

Jon's Ring and White Gold Copy for a Customer

Jon’s Ring (left) and White Gold Clone for a Customer

I knew Andrew to be a discriminating — some might say fussy — consumer. We’d selected a designer wedding band for his fiancée Janet on their first visit to the Delmonte-Smelson showroom. But after three visits, Andrew was still undecided. We’d looked at plain wedding bands, popular wedding bands, bands with an inset diamond, designer bands, bands from our own collection, and wedding bands from the pages of Vogue.

I had just explained how Delmonte-Smelson could create a custom hand-crafted ring starting with a description of his dream ring or working from a set of criteria, when he exclaimed “That’s the ring I want!” Andrew was pointing to the wedding band I was wearing, a ring I designed for myself. Boy, was I flattered!

From there, it was a short journey. In the photo, my ring is on the left, and the custom white gold copy we made for Andrew on the right.

Fraternal Twin Rings

Ring from Showroom (bottom). Larger Custom Copy (top).

But wait …

The story didn’t end there. When Janet came in with Andrew to pick up his white gold “cloned” wedding band, she spied an elegant diamond band we had on display in our showroom. Setting aside all thoughts of the band she had selected originally, she asked “Can I have that ring in my (larger) size.” It wasn’t available from the manufacturer, but we said “Yes, we can make it for you.” And we did.

The photo at right shows the smaller ring from our showroom below the larger otherwise identical clone we custom manufactured for Janet. Fraternal twins!

His and Her Cloned Wedding Bands

Custom Manufactured His and Her Wedding Bands

So Andrew and Janet went home each with their own hand-crafted rings based on samples from our store. Andrew got a white gold ring based on the yellow gold ring I had designed for myself. Janet got the diamond studded wedding band of her dreams which was a larger version of a ring we had on display. Isn’t it nice to know you can really have it your way when it comes to wedding bands and engagement rings?

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