Sell Us Your Silver

Sell Us Your Silver

Our goal is to pay you the highest price possible for your Sterling Silver flatware.

Why Sell Now

Silver prices have been rising steadily for decades, reaching new highs during the recent recession. In short, with silver trading at historic levels — recent prices have been over $20 per ounce — it’s definitely a good time to sell Sterling Silver.  May we suggest you check your drawers, closets, and safe deposit boxes for unneeded Sterling Silver flatware, jewelry, coins and other items that can be converted to ready cash?

What We Buy

Delmonte-Smelson offers competitive prices for your old, unwanted or unneeded Sterling Silver flatware; houseware, such as plates, platters, bowls, candlesticks and urns; miscellaneous items, like trophies, desk accessories and musical instruments; jewelry; and coins.

Good Prices, Quality Service

As a major retailer selling fine jewelry and watches …

As a major retailer selling fine jewelry and watches for over 45 years, Delmonte-Smelson is big enough to offer attractive prices for your old Sterling Silver, yet small enough to handle each transaction personally. Because we treat recycling as a value-added service — not a backroom operation — we won’t scrap a rare coin, historic medal, family heirloom, or work of art without your explicit permission. We’re ethical jewelers and appraisers first and foremost!

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It Couldn’t Be Easier

Turning your old Sterling Silver into new found money …

Turning your old Sterling Silver into new found money is quick and easy.  Just contact us to make an appointment with one of our expert appraisers. Call us during East Coast business hours at 516-357-8888 or contact us by email. Same-day or next day appointments are often possible. You’ll bring in your unneeded Sterling Silver flatware and other objects and watch while an appraiser assays and weighs them, then applies our generous, no-quibble pricing. Minutes later you’ll be on your way with cash or a check in hand, the transaction complete and final.

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Our Promise

Our goal is to pay you the highest prices possible for your valuables. Call us today at 516-357-8888 (866-695-5395 from out of NY) or send us an email to get started. You’ll be glad you did!

Hurry! Our Cash For Sterling Silver Window is always open, but pricing may never be better!

Quality, Service, Satisfaction – Guaranteed