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Since 1972, the Delmonte-Smelson name has been synonymous with fine jewelry, elegance, and style. Our expert jewelers pride themselves in being highly educated in all aspects of the jewelry industry so that we can make your visit both pleasurable and easy.

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From designer jewelry and watches to one-of-a-kind custom-made jewelry, we at Delmonte-Smelson Jewelers want all of the pieces passed from our hands to yours to be adored for years to come!

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Delmonte-Smelson Fine Jewelers is committed to your satisfaction. We stand behind all of our merchandise and offer you expert appraisals for your diamond purchases.

If you purchase a piece of jewelry and decide that you are unhappy with it, you have 15 days from the date of purchase to return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

If we repair an item for you, but you are unhappy with the repair, or if the item is still not fixed, Delmonte-Smelson will re-do the repair until you are completely satisfied.

If you buy a watch at Delmonte-Smelson, or we repair one for you, and the watch is not under warranty with the manufacturer, we will nevertheless honor a warranty on all mechanical issues for one year from the purchase/repair date.

Meet Our Team

Philip Smelson

Philip Smelson, President

Philip Smelson, President

Phil started in the jewelry business when he was 18 years old, and he immediately became fascinated with the industry. It is a career that has lasted over 45 years.

Phil specializes in diamond grading, colored stone grading, and jewelry designing. Besides having a state of the art jewelry store, Phil has been evaluating and replacing jewelry for most of the major insurance companies in the field today.

Phil's GIA Certificate: Diamond Grading & Evaluation

Phil’s GIA Certificate: Diamond Grading & Evaluation

Phil's GIA Certificate: Colored Stones

Phil’s GIA Certificate: Colored Stones

Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz

Fifteen years ago, Jonathan started out in the luxury gifts industry as a wholesaler. He gained knowledge in various brand name luxury gifts and accessories, in addition to high-end watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, and Audemars Piguet. He built a well-respected reputation with wholesalers throughout the United States.

Shortly thereafter, Jonathan became GIA certified for diamonds and has been in the jewelry industry for the past eight years buying and selling jewelry and watches as well as designing custom jewelry for his clients.

In 2013 Jonathan joined his father-in-law Phil Smelson in the family’s business at Delmonte-Smelson Jewelers.

Jon's GIA Certificate: Graduate Diamonds

Jon’s GIA Certificate: Graduate Diamonds

Quality, Service, Satisfaction – Guaranteed