Taking Jewelry on Vacation

It’s vacation time and you’re probably wondering whether to take your jewelry along and, if you do, how to safeguard it.

On Vacation

We think jewelry is like you — attractive, mysterious, distinctive and fun.  So of course we think you should enjoy wearing your jewelry on vacation.

But don’t leave home without adequate insurance.  Most homeowner’s and renter’s policies cover personal property loss, but coverage is often limited.  We recommend insurance written specifically for jewelry, such as a policy from Jewelers Mutual — like the one we offer FREE for the first year with your purchase of a Delmonte-Smelson engagement ring during July and August.

While you’re traveling by plane or public transportation, keep your jewelry close at hand, either by wearing it or carrying it in on your person or in hand luggage — never in checked baggage.  And keep hand luggage — at hand, never out of sight.

There are many great places to show off your new engagement ring, that special necklace or exotic earrings — like the Captain’s table, the theater, the Casino, or the dining car of the Orient Express — but sometimes it’s best to leave the diamonds behind in the hotel safe.  A lot of diamonds go missing at the beach, at the Casbah, and on the streets of emerging nations.

Play it safe, keep it insured, but let it shine in happy venues.