Taking Jewelry on Vacation

It’s vacation time and you’re probably wondering whether to take your jewelry along and, if you do, how to safeguard it.

On Vacation

We think jewelry is like you — attractive, mysterious, distinctive and fun.  So of course we think you should enjoy wearing your jewelry on vacation.

But don’t leave home without adequate insurance.  Most homeowner’s and renter’s policies cover personal property loss, but coverage is often limited.  We recommend insurance written specifically for ...

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World’s First All-Diamond Ring

What VS1 clarity, E color gem is worth north of $70 million? Simple. The all-diamond ring laser-cut by Shawish Geneva from a 150 carat Brazilian diamond.

Shawish All-Diamond RingShawish unveiled the startling ring at the prestigious 2012 Baselworld Watch and Jewelry show in March 2012, almost a year after the bold Swiss jewelers copyrighted the all-diamond ring. Between securing the copyright and showing the unique ...

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Seen at the Oscars

Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars

While Hollywood pretends the Oscars are about films, America knows better.  It’s a night for trend-spotting in couture, makeup, hairstyles and, of course, jewelry.

This outing, we saw a return to classic diamond jewelry.  Case in point: Angelina Jolie.  You Sheila Shah at the 2012 Oscarsmay have been watching her leg or her beau, but we noticed ...

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What About Colored Diamonds?

Colored diamonds may be scarce in nature, but they’re everywhere in the news.

Jennifer Lopex

Remember the “Sun Drop Diamond, ” a fancy vivid yellow 110.3 carat sparkler that sold for over $10.9 million in November 2011?  And maybe you saw Mariah Carey or Jennifer Lopez (left) showing off their colored diamond rings. It’s gotta make you wonder whether a colored diamond would be right for ...

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110.03 Carat Sun-Drop Diamond Sells for $10.9

calendarThe most impressive and largest diamond ever to come to auction, the 110.3 carat pear-shaped yellow Sun-Drop Diamond from South Africa, sold at auction in Geneva last week for $10.9 million — $12.4 million including commission.

Gemologists had rated it fancy, vivid yellow – the highest possible color grading. Yellow diamonds are created by nitrogen impurities trapped within carbon molecules and hardened over ...

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The Exquisite Zipper Necklace

Have you ever wished for a ring or maybe a necklace made to your own design? In the 1930s, Wallis Simpson, the colorful Duchess of Windsor did just that and asked the French jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels to make her dream come true.

The Duchess’ unique design wasn’t actually produced until 1951, when Van Cleef & Arpels stunned the world with its iconic zipper necklace. Adorned with diamonds and jewels, its working golden zipper transforms the necklace into a stunning ...

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Liz Taylor Auction

Liz Taylor with pearlsElizabeth Taylor was known for her acting, her beauty, her glamorous lifestyle, including eight marriages, her activism, and her passion for jewelry. Her 2002 book, My Love Affair with Jewelry, documents her collection, reportedly worth over $150 million at her death last March.

From Dec3-7, 2011, Christie’s in New York auctioned her collections of fine art, designer clothing and jewelry, including a 1000 ...
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