World’s First All-Diamond Ring

What VS1 clarity, E color gem is worth north of $70 million? Simple. The all-diamond ring laser-cut by Shawish Geneva from a 150 carat Brazilian diamond.

Shawish All-Diamond RingShawish unveiled the startling ring at the prestigious 2012 Baselworld Watch and Jewelry show in March 2012, almost a year after the bold Swiss jewelers copyrighted the all-diamond ring. Between securing the copyright and showing the unique ring, Shawish jewelers perfected the laser sculpting technique which let them carve the ring from a single stone while preserving its integrity.

​”Diamonds are made of carbon and molecules that can change. Even the color can be altered when attempting to cut it,” said Mohamed Shawish, president of the eponymous luxury jewelry house.

“A ring made entirely of a faceted diamond has always seemed like a fantasy,” but now that it’s a reality, Shawish is deservedly proud.​ “To create the perfect diamond ring is the epitome of art.” ​

People who’ve seen it up close agree, calling it “utterly incredible and breathtakingly beautiful.”  With no metal band to soak up the light, the ultimate engagement ring scintillates with “fantastic light flashes and sparkle.”

Compared to Kim Kardashian’s 20 carat ring or even Liz Taylor’s amazing 33 carat fantasia, the Shawish ring is clearly in a class by itself.

Which leaves us wondering.  With an asking price of $70 million, who’s going to buy the all-diamond ring?  And what if you bought it and it was the wrong size?