What About Colored Diamonds?

Colored diamonds may be scarce in nature, but they’re everywhere in the news.

Jennifer Lopex

Remember the “Sun Drop Diamond, ” a fancy vivid yellow 110.3 carat sparkler that sold for over $10.9 million in November 2011?  And maybe you saw Mariah Carey or Jennifer Lopez (left) showing off their colored diamond rings. It’s gotta make you wonder whether a colored diamond would be right for your ring!

With polished diamond prices moving up steadily — 19% last year alone — and colored diamonds commanding top dollar because of their rarity, some are saying a blue, pink or yellow diamond engagement ring might the best investment you’ll ever make.

Our take?  We think you should select a diamond because it’s beautiful and makes you feel good.  On that score, colored diamonds are a great choice.  But when it comes to investments, we suggest you ask a qualified financial advisor whether colored diamonds — or any diamonds — belong in your investment portfolio.

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